The Top 5 Reasons Your Brand Needs Professional Photography


Whether you have the latest Smartphone or tech-forward Android, you can now be considered a photographer with just a few clicks of your phone camera's button. It's simple to add a photo to your Instagram story or feed; upload one to Facebook, or add photos to your website straight from your phone.

But that's not professional photography, and it may not get your brand noticed. 

Professional photography is just that: professional. It's the result of an experienced and knowledgeable photographer who can provide stunning, high-quality images that match your brand's aesthetic. Anyone can take a photo on their iPhone, but a professional photographer can tell your brand's story and capture its essence. 

If you're considering professional photography for your brand, or are "on the fence" about working with a photographer, our top reasons for doing so may just convince you ;) 

The media you use represents (and may even define) your brand

Let's just cut to the chase: poor quality photos = poor quality branding. As a business owner, you've probably spent a significant portion of your time focusing on your branding; logos, website design, product labels, service get the picture. You care about your branding, but using low-quality photography across your branding - both digital and print - shows a lack of consideration for your brand. If the imagery you use represents your business, it only makes sense to put your brand's best face forward. It may be tempting to save a few dollars by passing on professional photography, but even a short session with a photographer can elevate your branding and business. 

Visual content drives engagement (and sales)

Awesome brand photography doesn't have to be complicated, but it can increase engagement with your brand, specifically online. We're all visual beings, and platforms like Instagram have millions of users who are potential customers or clients for your brand. More than that, however, photography engages people; it gives them something to admire and interact with. But people don't waste time looking at low-res or poor-quality images, and the likelihood of an audience engaging with that content is bleak. People just like us (and you!) use social media and the Internet to search for brands, products, and services; why not get ahead of your competition by giving the people the content they want? With better brand photography comes increased engagement and potential profit. 

Photography tells your brand story

Whether your brand sells a range of skincare products or offers SEO services to busy businesses, every brand has its own story to tell. Though copywriting is extremely important for branding and sales, photography takes it all one step further by showcasing a visual story of your brand. Let's face it: your customers and clients want to know your brand, and high-quality images can showcase your story and give potential customers insight into who you are, what your brand does, and why they should work with you/shop with you. 

Everyone is on social media, and "everyone" is a potential customer

While platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and others may seem overwhelming or even narcissistic, these are the apps everyday people use to share their lives but also find brands. As Instagram continuously updates their algorithms, for example, the platform makes it easier for people to find and follow brands, and audiences can often be converted into customers. Professional photography allows you to capture the attention and loyal following of those potential customers, but low-quality imagery devalues your brand and says, "I don't care about my brand's digital presence." Oddly enough, pro photography is a small cost which can result in a big payoff.  

It's all about the brand experience

You may not realize it now, but every single photo you upload to your social media feeds; add to your website; use in a digital ad, or share online, contributes to your brand experience. Simply put, your "brand experience" is the experience which customers or clients can expect to have when working with you or purchasing your products. Poor photography gives the impression of a poor experience, mainly because it comes across as an afterthought. There's a reason why brands with stunning product photography and professional imagery often have cult followings and loyal fan + customer bases. Through photography, you're giving potential customers insight into what they can "get" when working with your brand, and if they can't see the value, chances are, neither will you. 

Ultimately, professional brand photography is an important aspect of elevating your aesthetic, adding value to your brand, and creating a recognizable presence, especially online. 

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