This Is Why Brands Should Use Instagram


Ah, Instagram. The app everyone loves, and some brands are scared of. 

Instagram was created in 2010 and has since grown to include well over 800 million users. Since its inception, brands and businesses everywhere have used the platform to reach audiences and turn those loyal fans into loyal customers. Even with the app's constant changes in algorithm, people continue to use the app to share products, services, behind-the-scenes captures, and more. 

In other words, if your brand's not on Instagram, you're missing out. Big time

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to using Instagram for business, but as a free marketing avenue, Instagram offers huge potential for brands looking to engage audiences and maybe get a few customers, to boot. After all, it's 2018, and everybody is doing it for the 'gram. 

Your brand needs to use Instagram if you want to foster engagement

We're not making this stuff up, people. With the ability to produce social media ads, use branded hashtags, and target ideal audiences, this app is the bomb dot com. It's essentially a free marketing tool that allows you to reach potential customers without having to go door-knocking on the Internet. It has never been easier for brands to engage with audiences or people who may just be your next customer. 

Your competition is on Instagram, so why the heck wouldn't you be?! 

As of 2017, it has been estimated that over 8 million business profiles exist on Instagram. The app made this not-so-fancy feature where brands could turn their IG profiles into business ones simply by connecting a Facebook business page to their IG accounts. Genius, right? Brands can now make it even easier for followers to get in touch, shop their stuff, or visit a brand's location with just a click or two of a button. Here's the clincher, though: your competition is likely harnessing these tools to reach potential customers. This means that your brand has to consider using Instagram as a business marketing tool, and not just a photo-sharing platform. Want to beat the competition? Be better at the Insta game than they are.

People want to find your brand on Instagram; seriously

According to Instagram, over 80% of its users follow a business on the app; with more than two million monthly advertisers using the app, as well, there's a lot to be said for how powerful this platform truly is. That's why most people turn to Instagram to find brands or products, but if you're not using the platform to market your brand, you're losing out on exposure to audiences that could be loyal customers. If approximately 30% of users purchase goods and services they find on Instagram, there's nothing holding your brand back from reaching those shoppers. 

Influencers prefer Instagram, but they can't find you if you're not there

Nearly 80% of social media influencers prefer Instagram over any other platform; even Facebook, which was once the king of the social media game. Now, not every brand will work with an influencer, but in the event you'd like to, or if an influencer visits your store/restaurant/pop-up event/location, a simple tag and shoutout could be huge for your brand. If you're not on Instagram, though? Well, you're missing out. See, influencers are individuals who massive audiences actually listen to, and if you're not on the app they prefer most, you're losing the opportunity for potential influencer connection and collaboration. 

Most importantly, your customers are there

So maybe you're not a media maven or social media expert; that's totally cool. Not everyone is; in fact, most people who use Instagram do so with a trial-and-error approach. But it doesn't have to be as overwhelming as you may think; it's as simple as recognizing where your potential customers are looking. Hint: they're on Instagram. Your brand doesn't have to have 2million+ followers to break ground and generate engagement or sales! But Instagram can change the game for your brand; and as someone pretty brilliant once said, "Never try, never know."


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