Here's 4 Reasons Why Brands Need a Professional Website


Let's not sugarcoat it (even though we love sweets): without a website, your brand gets totally lost online. 

It's simple to mistake a presence on social media or a burgeoning Facebook business page as "good enough" when it comes to marketing your brand online. While social media marketing is key for any modern brand, so too is a professional website. 

Here, we're breaking down the top 4 reasons why brands need a professional website for their business. 

Your website is your modern-day calling card

Remeber the days when everyone exchanged business cards for the purpose of networking? While business cards are absolutely still relevant, our world has moved towards a technological shift where people look for brands like yours online. After all, you won't be able to hand out your business card to every potential customer or client. 

With a professional website, not only do you establish a space for your brand on the web; you also provide prospective customers with a simple, convenient way to familiarize themselves with your brand while getting to know the products and/or services you offer.

Think of your website like a modern-day calling card. 

It's like one long-running advertisement for your brand

Unless you have a friend or family member willing to design your website pro-bono, there's a likelihood you'll have to work with (and pay) an agency or web designer (hey there!!) who can develop a professional site for your brand. While this does involve some cost, ultimately, the expenditure pays for itself, ten-fold. 

Why? It's simple: websites are digital advertisements, even if you don't actually advertise your site. 

Chances are, you'd use your website to showcase your products; tell visitors about your brand; describe your services; or share information about store locations, contact info, and more. This is information your potential customers want and need, and you can easily provide this information without constant online ads. With a beautiful website, advertising your brand is simple (and, in the long-run, free!). 

It also contributes to your overall brand value (huzzah!)

It may seem difficult to see the value in a website if it doesn't actively bring in revenue or profit, however, websites do more than just showcase your brand's offerings; they also add value to your overall branding. With a website, you have the opportunity to control the narrative on your brand while ensuring that your potential (and existing customers) can always reach you or discover your brand. It's almost like having an "open" sign for your business, 24/7. 

Having a professional website also shows that you care about your brand; you've put the effort into creating something that brings value to your customers, and in that alone, there is value for your brand. 

Ultimately, your website will help your brand get noticed

Admittedly, most brands don't have a website "just because;" because most exposure for businesses comes from the online world (Internet, social media, and more), websites help brands get noticed. While your Instagram feed might be awesome, you will ultimately need to have a hub to direct customers to. Professional websites provide a few advantages for brands:

  • A website helps your brand show up in search results (especially on search engines like Google) 
  • Proper website SEO can help your brand rank higher online than your competitors 
  • It's simple to promote sales, discounts, new products, and more
  • You can gather newsletter subscribers and new followers right from your website
  • Customers can purchase your goods online, straight from your site
  • You can gather feedback from your customers with easy, online surveys 

Needless to say, a professional website for your brand is as crucial as a great social media presence. Ready to dive into a website for your brand?
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