4 Ways to Generate Hype For a New Launch

When it comes to a new product or service, your brand should have enough hype behind said product to launch a thousand ships. After all, you've invested a considerable amount of time, effort and hours (not to mention, money) on your new product and now it's time to put your launch to work. 

Launches are a wonderful opportunity to not only grow awareness about your brand but to also increase engagement with your followers, reach potential customers/clients, and generate profit. While it can seem difficult to strategize ideas for a launch, generating hype around a new product or service can actually be quite simple. Here are four easy tips for creating hype around a new launch for your next best product!

It's all about the teasers ;)

Showing sneak peeks or teasers of your new product on social media is a sure-fire way of generating interest in the product without giving too much away. Your audience is given insider access to the product while you easily and effectively create anticipation around the product. For example, you could share behind-the-scene clips of your product being made, or a teaser clip from a promotional video for the launch itself. 

Use social media to countdown the days until blast off!

Using countdowns on your social media platforms is another simple way to build anticipation but also serves the purpose of keeping your audience informed (and up-to-date!) about when your new product or service will be launching. Whether you mention the countdowns in your Instagram posts, include a countdown in an Instagram Story, or make regular countdown updates on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you're consistently reminding your audience about the new product and keeping their interest piqued! 

Give a little somethin' away

Giveaways may seem so 2017 but, in actuality, giveaways are a stellar marketing tool when it comes to product launches. That's because giveaways provide your audience/followers with the opportunity to try your new product before anyone else does. If you're not into the notion of giving away a free product before it officially launches, consider holding a giveaway, regardless! Giveaways necessitate audience participation, often result in Shares and increased Follows, and can help increase your reach across social media. What's more, giveaways are incredibly easy to host and people love free products. Depending on the terms of your giveaway, you can capitalize on all of those Shares and the added exposure! 

Team up with an influencer (no, seriously!)

Not every giveaway or launch requires a partnership with an influencer; in fact, you'll likely have to implement a budget for influencer partnerships, even with a giveaway. But what is beneficial about teaming up with an influencer for your product launch or giveaway is the opportunity to reach new audiences, which may just translate to potential customers you previously may not have reached. This could result in increased profits, more Follows on social media, and future partnership opportunities. 

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