Here Are the Top 5 Places You Should Meet Your Clients

Tired of meeting your clients in poorly lit rooms with lack of refreshments and creative intuition?

So are we!

Though there's more to a client meeting than the location or setting, the atmosphere you create for your client (and prospective ones!) can set the tone of your meeting. That's why we're serving up our top five picks for spots you can hold client meetings so that they never forget you ;)

But let's be real: planning a client meeting is sort of like planning the first date; everything needs to be perfect. Choosing one of these great spots will ensure that your next client meeting is a “match.” After all, you want your prospective client to "swipe right" on you!

It's important, however, to know your client and focus on their interests. Choosing the right spot involves research and, like many things in life, may take a few tries before you find “the one.” Make the meeting an experience that is hard for your client to forget!

These top 5 spots are in our top 5 for a reason: they just feel right, like a mimosa at any time of the day ;)


Have a hip and creative client? : Check out a trendy cafe

Cafés have that uncanny ability of making you feel as though you're lounging in a cozy living room, catching up with an old friend. They provide a low-key atmosphere while still offering room for entrepreneurs to avoid a restricting, corporate setting. It doesn't hurt that there's unlimited access to caffeine to get the creative juices flowing ;)

Cafés also afford you the unique opportunity to show your client your knowledge of the city in which you live or operate your business. Show 'em around the city, introduce them to a new spot, and make them feel welcome! 

With a fun-loving, outgoing client : Bring on the Booze!

Yes, you read that correctly: a client meeting involving booze! Alcohol may seem like a touchy subject in regards to client meetings, but there is no harm in meeting a client over a cold glass of beer or a fruity mimosa. This is a great chance to get to know your client in a casual manner, while sharing more about yourself and what your business is all about, without the typical boardroom bore.

Your client may also appreciate that you feel comfortable enough with them to take them out on a "client date," allowing them to relax, unwind, and chat with you more easily about their business goals!

For the outdoorsy, sunshine-loving client : Who doesn’t love a patio or outdoor beer garden?

Stuck inside on a beautiful afternoon? Why not bring the meeting outside with great food and even better drinks? Casual meeting places like patios, beer gardens, outdoor cafés and more allow for fresh air and clear minds! Getting outside is good for everyone’s health, creating a setting of openness and creativity. Not many people can say they have had a client meeting in a beer garden or rooftop café - let’s start this trend together ;)

For the traditional: A Co-working space that is comfortable never fails!

Why not take advantage of these unique spaces created for collaborating with clients? With the feel of a traditional office characterized by open floor plans and modern decor, you can expect snacks, bars, and all the resources you need to spice up those traditional client meetings. For small businesses or start-ups who haven’t yet found their home, these sweet spaces are perfect to meet with new clients.

The great thing about co-working spaces is that they create an open atmosphere that doesn't require leaving an "office" setting; so, whether your client errs on the traditional side, or you're not yet comfortable meeting clients "outside the office," a co-working space will provide you with everything you need. 

Looking for something fun to do? Try out the new fad in town! Donuts? We love em!

This is always a great fallback to have for a client who you haven’t yet figured out! Experiencing something new together is a wonderful starting point in connecting with a client and seeing how well you work together. Trying out a new fad is trendy and exciting for both the client and yourself! Take your client to the newest donut shop, grab a milkshake together, grab lunch at the latest salad get the picture ;)

Trends like this are often a fan favourite and will be sure to keep your client talking about you until your next meeting. All good things of course ;)

At Sugarpop, we like to add our personal flair to everything, including client meetings! Why not give us a shout and see for yourself? ;)

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