How To Write The Perfect Instagram Bio

In our era of social media marketing, Instagram consistently takes top spot as the reigning champ for social media platforms, making it a top priority for both brands and influencers. With untethered access to millions of users and creative content, Instagram is a hot spot for thriving entrepreneurs. As one of the best tools for personal and business branding, an eye catching bio is crucial in capturing the attention of potential followers and prospective customers. That's why we're serving up five of our top tips to help you craft a better IG bio - if not for yourself, then do it for the ‘gram ;)

Love at first bio is a thing... right?

First Things First

Your name. As if the regret associated with the name of our very first email address wasn’t enough, it's time you got a little more creative and a little more professional. Brands, for example, should consider sticking with the name of their company -  doing so ensures that potential followers will be able to easily locate you on Instagram while finding other ways of connecting with you outside of the platform. If you're an employee at a company, you can include the name of your role or position within your bio while keeping your actual username simple (for instance, try using your first and/or last name).

For those who can be a little more creative with their names, the options are virtually endless when is comes to Instagram usernames. Specifically, usernames that give a hint as to what you blog about, sell, produce, offer, etc. can help show followers what makes you and your brand so unique to the millions of other Instagrammers out there!

Say Cheese ;)

When it comes to your IG feed, first impressions are paramount. Because most people gravitate towards visual content almost immediately after landing on your page, having a unique bio photo that draws your followers in is key. Headshots, for example, are best used for personal accounts; creative entrepreneurs can have a more colorful, fun photo while brands and businesses should consider using their logos on their IG business accounts.

Presenting yourself professionally is important, however, your photo should also fit your style and compliment your brand's overall aesthetic. It's also important to remember that your photo is what shows up when you like other people’s posts, comment on other users' content, etc. Why not make it intriguing so they can’t help but seek you out? ;)

Short and Sweet

Think of Instagram bios like speed dating: you have a short amount of time to attract the attention of your ideal audience with the hopes of it turning into something more. Begin by considering key words and phrases that resonate with you or your business; because hashtags are now "followable" on Instagram, people can now find more brands and users through hashtags, which means your profile could show up when people follow a specific keyword hashtag!

Then, think carefully about what your brand represents and how you can get this ethos or message across to followers in the same amount of words as you would a Tweet. Our Instagram bio, for example, tells our followers and visitors exactly what we do and where we're located - it leaves little room for people to wonder what the heck we do, or have to guess what kind of services we offer! Our Creative Director's Instagram bio mentions her role at our company, as well as her interests and her location without ramble. The key detail here? Neither bio confuses followers as to what we do!

The takeaway? Tailor your bio to the followers and clientele you want to attract, then watch your follower count catch fire ;)

Emojis are Enticing

One of the great things about using emojis in an Instagram bio is that they provide flare, which is exactly what your Instagram bio could be lacking.

Emojis are and can be the driving source of why people are drawn to an IG bio. These little additions can go a long way when you use them to spice up a would-be boring bio. Use emojis to depict how you want your followers to feel when they read over your bio and entice them to toss a follow your way!

I’m In!

Chances are that people viewing your profile will want to know more if your brand offers them a service, product, or content they are interested in. It's time to take advantage of Instagram's bio link feature! Whether you have a business or regular profile, you can include a link to your website in your IG bio, where people can find out more about your brand with just a quick click of a button. Having this convenient point of contact shows potential followers that you are credible and gives them another avenue through which they can learn more about you, as well as even convert to a potential customer! 

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