This Is How You Get Your Blog Content Noticed

So, you've written a killer blog post explaining to your readers how they can build their very own dog house, and you're psyched to share this evergreen content with the goal of having your blog post noticed. 

But then, something strange happens: your post gets minimal visits and isn't showing up in search engines like you thought it would. For some reason, your blog content isn't performing, and you're left wondering just where the heck you went wrong. 

In the following infographic, we outline how you can optimize your blog content to get your posts noticed (and maybe even shared, to boot) with more than just your typical audience!


Rule #1 - Use a compelling title

A stellar title is key to any successful blog post. Try these following tips:

  • Include numbers - listicles and posts such as, "4 Ways to Build a Birth Bath" perform well because they provide options 
  • Incorporate "power" keywords - these keywords attract reader attention and keep them engaged 
  • Test your titles - utilize an online platform to test the SEO-friendliness of your blog post title 

Rule #2 - Make sharing simple

By including share icons on all of your blog posts (sort of like we do, with share icons at the bottom of every post) you make it easy for readers to quickly share your content with others or on their own social media platforms. 

Rule #3 - Use great images

In addition to utilizing high-res/high-quality images, you should also consider utilizing quality graphics. Poor imagery or graphic content reduces interest in the other textual content of your blog post, so grab the attention of your reader with beautiful imagery! And, don't forget to set your blog's post settings to allow for Pinterest image pinning! For example, if you hover over the top left-hand corner of the infographic above, you'll notice a Pinterest icon; this allows readers (like yourself!) the ability to pin our infographic to any board you have on Pinterest, thus sharing our graphic and blog post for us!

Rule #4 - Optimize all of your blog posts

It's important to optimize every aspect of your blog post so as to make it more shareable. This includes SEO-friendly titles (that's rule #1, after all), meta-tags and descriptions, alt-text and more. 

Rule #5 - Make quotes stand out

If your blog content has useful tid-bits of information, quotes from sources or persons of authority, etc. then have those blurbs stand out by highlighting them in your blog post. If your blogging platform allows, add a "Click to Tweet" button so readers can tweet brief quotes to their own followers, driving traffic back to you!

Rule #6 - Share your own content!

One of the easiest ways to spread your content far and wide is to share it yourself, both with your readers as well as your personal audiences. This could include emailing your blog posts to friends and family, sharing your posts on your blog's Facebook page, or mentioning you have a new blog post on an Instagram story!

Jordyn Stewart