This is Why You Need an Instagram Business Account

Have you taken a peek at your social media metrics lately and wondered why they're declining? 

Well, you're not alone. In fact, most brands will at one point or another notice some sort of slope in engagement. *Sigh*

Social media platforms can account for a significant portion of a brand's business and sales; with more than 800 million monthly users and a strong millennial force which follow brands and businesses online, Instagram is top dog when it comes to garnering exposure and awareness for your business. But not every brand is harnessing the power of this platform. 

Perhaps you're wondering why your Instagram posts receive far less engagement or Likes than they previously have, or you're stumped as to why your following has decreased. If you were asked the question, "What have you changed," and if you were to answer honestly with, "Nothing!" that may just be your issue, right there. 

See, Instagram has changed and grown a lot since its inception in 2010. Part of this consistent change is the advent of the Business Account, aka the easiest Instagram marketing tool you're not taking advantage of. 

Let's walk you through the "whys" of making the switch to an Instagram Business Account. It's painless (scout's honor)!

For starters, it's free

Did you know that 8 out of 10 users follow at least one brand on Instagram? That's a hefty statistic, considering 200+ million advertisers use the platform to drive traffic to their profiles and websites everyday. Pair that with the fact that Instagram is completely free to use, and it would be foolhardy not to switch to the Business Account. 

It has some pretty stellar advantages

For one, Instagram Business Accounts provide brands with free analytics which can assist your monitoring efforts in measuring engagement, demographics and insights. You can also add additional information about your brand, add call-to-action links right in your Instagram bio, and even make your feed shoppable (provided your e-commerce site is hosted with platforms like Shopify). 

You can create paid ads in mere minutes

One of the most intriguing upsides to using an Instagram Business Account is the promoted posts feature; with this tool, you can turn any of your Instagram posts into digital ads with just a click or two of a button. Similar to boosting posts on Facebook, you can "boost" your posts on Instagram and put them in front of specific audiences you can create right in the app. No more fussing with Facebook's sometimes-tricky ad platform to get your Instagram content noticed!

Collaborating with influencers just got more legit

Most Instagram influencers utilize Business Accounts for the same reasons brands do: legitimacy, insights, metrics, engagement, call-to-actions (you get the picture). But partnering with influencers to bring awareness to your brand just doesn't seem as legitimate when you're using a Personal Account, and one could argue that influencers would be more interested in teaming up with a brand that has an established space carved out for themselves on the platform. If you're interested in partnering with an influencer for your brand, go on and make the switch to an Instagram Business Account first ;) 

It's a simplistic marketing tool any of your team members can use

An Instagram Business Account simplifies the process of measuring social media analytics while making it easier to gauge the success of promoted posts, content, Instagram ads and more. This means any member of your team who manages your Instagram account, or who monitors your social media profiles, can effortlessly implement a simplistic monitoring plan for your Instagram account. Though the Business Account analytics won't provide a fully comprehensive "picture" as to how your content is performing, it's a great starting point for brands looking to up the ante for their social media exposure!

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