Here's Why Your Brand Needs a Newsletter Like, Right Now

With the explosion of social media and digital marketing, many companies began moving towards online advertising to reach thousands (sometimes, millions) of people, with the goal of promoting their brand while capturing new leads and interacting with prospective customers. Then, newsletter marketing was born and, suddenly, businesses were exposed to a completely new way of reaching their target audience.

From special events and promotions to eye-catching articles, product updates, contests, discounts and more, newsletters may just be the untapped resource your business needs to nurture leads and nourish brand loyalty.

Isn’t it time you made newsletter marketing a priority? ;)

So, why bother with newsletter marketing at all?

There is a common misunderstanding that branded newsletters need to be strictly about the company itself, leading to the assumption that all newsletters are borrrringgg. Let’s break this stereotype and show followers what they are truly missing out on ;)

Brand newsletters are a tried and true tool for building brand loyalty. Featuring eye-catching articles, advice, tips, product updates and more that resonate with the brand itself assist in generating a connection with followers who are just as interested in your brand as you are! Having consistent updates from a brand is key in connecting with followers, and shows that they are valued. Who doesn’t want some of that TLC?

Funky, not junky

If you’re concerned about whether your followers will see your newsletters as spam mail, don’t let this be the reason you don’t take advantage of this tool. Content creation outside of email interactions can be pricey and ineffective, not to mention the amount of time that will be wasted if the marketing doesn’t attract new followers. Newsletters are unique in that they are easy to curate, can be made on free platforms, and can have an even bigger pay off if it sticks with followers. Use this opportunity to build your brand and promote the unique products or services you have to offer!

This just in...

Newsletters allow you the unique opportunity to do more than just promote your products or share discounts. You can offer valuable advice, tips and insider access that will resonate with your followers and will engage with prospective customers. An example of this is news sharing;  bringing the latest news and trends to your followers so they don’t have to go searching for it themselves, making your brand their go-to source for virtually all news. By further incorporating how these trends link to your company and how supporting your brand will benefit your followers, it’s a win-win situation! With information that catches their attention, they will soon rely on your emails to get them through the day while sharing with their friends what they are missing out on #youDONTfollowthisbrand?

Get To It!

With newsletter marketing, now is your brand’s time to shine and show your followers what your brand is made of! It’s as easy as whipping up a sweet email that builds your brand awareness and leaves your followers wanting more. Here are a few hot tips from us to you ;)

  • Use weekly newsletters to keep your followers up-to-date with news about your products, services, and brand in general - loyal followers will want to stay in the loop and be notified as to what your brand is up to!
  • Build various subscriber segments in your newsletter platform, so you can keep track of which set of followers/customers should receive specific types of updates. For example, some of your newsletter subscribers may enjoy product updates while others may only want periodic news about your brand ;)

  • Focus on your newsletter subject lines - it’s important to utilize subject lines that will encourage greater open rates and pique the email opener’s attention the moment they see your newsletter in their inbox


At Sugarpop we always keep our followers craving more ;) But enough about us - have you sent out your brand newsletter yet?


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