Make Your Workspace More Happy and Productive with These 5 Hacks

With your growing list of tasks to accomplish, productivity and motivation are often lost in the distractions of today’s world. It’s time for you to thrive in your own personal space by making it just that - your space! More brands, businesses and creative entrepreneurs are placing an emphasis on building spaces that make work feel less like work and more like a passion; by making your workspace a more productive and happier place to be, the opportunity for improved results increases while work-related stress, dissatisfaction and anxiety decrease.

If you love the work you do, why not love the space in which you work, too? These five workspace hacks will help bring out your inner #bossbabe and #bossdude ;)

Location, Location, Location

Location plays a key role in productivity and motivation. There are many surrounding influences that you may not realize are messing with your work mojo. If you're someone who gets distracted easily, consider your location. Is your desk located somewhere that allows for natural light? If you work from home, are you situating your workspace near your leisure spaces? Do you work with friends or family members in a shared space? Is the co-working space or coffee shop you use to catch up on emails too noisy or crowded?

Where you work is just as important as how you work. That’s because your workspace environment has just as much of an impact on your mood and attitude as your passion for your role does. So, if the location of your workspace hinders creativity, it’s fair to assume it will also impact your productivity and happiness at work.

Comfort is Key

When it comes to the comfort of your workspace, every detail counts. This isn’t to say your workspace needs to replicate an office design you spotted in the latest IKEA catalogue; however, for mental and physical well-being, a comfortable workspace is key.

For example, if you primarily work from home, take advantage of being able to perfectly curate your workspace to your ideal work environment. You might invest in a quality chair that supports your back and won’t leave you booking an appointment with the nearest chiropractor. Many companies will also provide employees with special keyboards, desks, chairs, and desk lights which provide ample Vitamin D.

Regardless of how you style your workspace, it’s important that you feel comfortable working in it as opposed to dreading spending 8 hours per day there!

Stimulate Your Senses

Hot tip: tailor your workspace to your lifestyle. We all have different preferences and, let’s be honest, what makes some people thrive just might not be your style. Stick to the basics by creating a space that helps you build upon your strengths and focus on the positive. Because your desk is most likely not outside, you can make small adjustments to bring nature closer to you. Succulents, for instance, are perfect additions to your office and can stimulate feelings of happiness while acting as natural air purifiers (did we mention you only have to water them once a month?). An environment suited to your preferences will open your mind to the opportunities that have been pushed to the side for far too long ;)

Less is More

Decorating your workspace for productivity is even more rewarding than decorating it for style. Clutter is likely the main culprit of an overwhelmed mind, so decluttering your workspace is a quick fix for productivity. Organization also goes a long way in ensuring your space feels both welcoming and inviting for productivity. If you’re unsure as to how to declutter, go by this simple rule of thumb: keep the essentials and say farewell to the rest (you’ll thank yourself later, we promise).

Clean Up

Just like our lives, our workspaces can become overcrowded and could benefit from a little Spring cleaning! It can be as simple as getting rid of those 1,000,000 documents on your hard drive that you don’t absolutely need in order to make room for the new (remember, you’re about to be super productive!). Any documents, files or important memos you can’t seem to part with can be scanned and electronically stored on an external hard drive - this is especially true for photographers!

We also recommend having “keep” and “toss” buckets or trays in your office to help you keep track of the most important things you need to run your business without holding onto all of that extra baggage ;) This allows for more time at the end of each week to reorganize and declutter to make those Monday mornings much more bearable!


To kick off your productivity, why not chat us up to discover how we can make your business more streamlined with our sweet marketing tricks? ;)


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