This Is Why Company Culture Is so Important

An oldie-but-a-goodie, the term “company culture” has long been considered a secret weapon which successful companies have used to develop values and loyalty within their organization, and the teams which keep it running. But many companies have lost sight of what company culture truly is, and leave their business waiting in the lurch like an ad-boy in the lobby of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce - shout-out to our Mad Men fans out here ;)

Gone are the days when companies could simply rise to the top without focusing on a culture that respects its employees. With growing competition in all aspects of business, growing a #squad takes more than just the promise of a sweet paycheque and a funky lounge where team members can play ping-pong on their breaks. Company culture is the secret weapon to your company’s success that you may have left out in the cold, but why, exactly, is it so important?

Let’s consider company engagement

This just in: investing in your company’s culture is one of the most crucial responsibilities you can have as a business owner - and it’s not just for the Fortune 500s, either. Fostering an environment that employees can’t wait to be a part of advances more than just everyone’s mood; when employees are engaged, they are contributing to all aspects of your company, generating new ideas (and business) that will have everyone wishing they could join your team ;)

What’s this about “retention?”

Hiring employees takes time and energy, and can also cost your company - so, why not create a culture that employees don’t want to leave? Investing time in the teams and members of your company creates a culture of growth. When a person grows within a company, it creates a feeling of loyalty, making it difficult for your employees to feel compelled to leave. Having a company culture that supports the ideas of your employees, along with their hard work and dedication, is the perfect recipe for retention.

You might think about transparency

Transparency in a company is likely one of the most significant aspects of a positive company culture and can lead to endless opportunity, both internally and externally. In a world of fake news, your employees should be aware of the issues, challenges, successes, and outcomes of the work they are involved in, as well as your company as a whole. With transparency, there is room for the whole team to collectively contribute to finding a solution for success. Which leads us to our next point...


Like all great relationships, trust is key, but you don’t have to learn this the hard way ;) Having a foundation of trust among your team members and company is a must. A culture based on trust allows for creativity and a space of innovation, generating ideas that keep your company thriving. If your team can trust your company, it only makes sense that they will also trust your ideas, visions, ethos, and ideas for the future of your business - and they may just want to stick around to be a part of it all, too ;)

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